How to choose your mover?

How to choose your mover?

The mover is responsible for the transport, unpacking and packaging of furniture and objects, which can be more or less delicate and more or less voluminous. As such, he is a professional in the handling and protection of furniture. More informations : . The Agency may relocate for a company or an individual. The Ministry of Transport regulates this profession. If you travel alone or with a specialist, it is up to you, but it is clear that when it comes to comfort and serenity, you will benefit more if you are accompanied by a professional.

Use a furniture lift

Do not risk damaging your furniture and valuables in an elevator that is too small or in a stairwell! Booking a furniture lift is the ideal way to do this. The device is generally in the form of a long metal balustrade, similar to a ladder, on which a large tray can slide to accommodate a sofa, refrigerator, large wardrobe… The use of a furniture lift is not necessarily very expensive, so it is advisable to expect this need so as not to have a bad surprise on a daily basis! There is nothing worse than a piece of furniture that doesn’t want to understand anything and stubbornly refuses to go up the stairs. Before booking a move with all moving companies, do some common evaluations: choose the dimensions of the largest parts of furniture and objects, then check the height and width of the elevator, stairs, hallways and another area where movers may have to move. First check whether the defective piece of furniture can be disassembled and reassembled. Booking a furniture lift gives you peace of mind and can help reduce labour costs, as the inspector can then reduce the size of the team provided. To leave your furniture in Nice storage, do not hesitate to join a team of professionals

Compare moving offers

Making the perfect choice also means comparing supplies. Once you have identified three or four reliable companies, the estimates they have sent you can make all the difference. Beware of movers who do not make a preliminary visit to your home to empty themselves. The specialized visit makes it possible to correctly evaluate the volume to be transported. Logistics must therefore be implemented (number of trucks and cartons to be supplied, use of a freight elevator, etc.), but also the problems to be solved. faced (stairs, accessibility, parking, furniture to be dismantled, etc.). It is also an opportunity to discuss with the mover all the points on which you have questions, such as the different alternatives available, as well as your new residence.

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