Learn more about seasonal rentals

A seasonal rental is governed by a rental contract for a given house for a defined period of time (maximum 90 days). It is freely negotiated for the duration in addition to the quantity of the rent. The rental conditions, the location of the area and a description of the premises must be mentioned in the contract. More informations : http://www.label-properties.com/en/. There are different types of leases: specially arranged tourist accommodation, primary and secondary residences that can be rented on a temporary basis.

Or buy a rental property?

As long as your seasonal property is properly located (popular geographic location) and you also demonstrate dynamic lease management, by optimizing your visibility resources (offices, paid and free sites, blogs, owner networks and word of mouth), you have a high probability of having the ability to create your profitable investment. For more informations about property for sale french riviera, contact a professionnal. While the occupancy rate has declined at key times of the year, this speed is offset by high seasonal rents, averaging $500 per week for a small apartment (studio or two-room apartment between 15 and 30 m2). When negotiating your mortgage, be sure to bring a document containing profitability simulations to your financial institution or privilege. A fantastic profitability could convince him to grant you this credit without any worries, because even at a reduced period, about 3 or 4 months,

Investing in a tourist house by the sea

Investing in a seaside tourist house means choosing a housing market, which is in high demand during the tourist season. In coastal areas that are popular with tourists, capital goods offer investors a fairly high level of liquidity when they resell (the liquidity of a house represents the ability to sell or buy it quickly, without impacting its own costs). important sectors of the national tourism market and the leading tourist destination in terms of the number of nights. About 35 million tourists visit the seaside every calendar year, a major seaside resort or more coastal communities. The solidity and dynamism of tourism – undeniable in the regional economy of coastal territories – are solid assets for rental property investment along the ocean.

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